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Ranger Surplus has been providing your safety, security, & recreational needs since 1979. Come in & let our experts guide you to the right gear at the right prices…always.

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Ranger Surplus is the last remaining Army-Navy store chain in the area, with recession proof prices everyday.

Military Surplus * Camping Gear * Luggage * Sweats * MREs * Airsoft * Workwear * Security * Knives * Survival * Hats * Jeans * 24/7s * Footwear * Sweats * Camo * Duffles * Tees * Nightsticks * Gifts * Pepper Spray * Customized Dog Tags * Thermals * Peacoats * Tarps * First Aid ...and Much More!

We offer volume sales—just call our headquarters for a quote (301‑947‑8026 x100).

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Tysons Corner, VA 703‑917‑0711

Latest News:

Oct 25 2016 10:13am

FLASH BANG FLASH BANG FLASH BANG FLASH BANG!!! This week’s FLASH BANG--- LIGHT STICKS!! Nobody knows what makes them glow. Is it magic? Some sort of alien blood? Trapped ghosts? Or is the chemiluminescence just a simple endothermic reaction caused by the mixing of diphenyl oxalate and hydrogen peroxide? Wait, I think it is that last one. Which makes LIGHT STICKS the perfect Halloween accessory! Put them in your jack-o-lantern so it gives off an eerie glow. Use them to light up your kid’s costume for trick or treating. Mark the path to your haunted house. Light sticks are also a must have for any emergency kit or bug out bag. Ours are six inches long and will last up to 12 hours. Available in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and, White. Price valid until October 31st, 2016 or while supplies last.

Oct 18 2016 09:51am

FLASH BANG FLASH BANG FLASH BANG FLASH BANG!!! This week’s FLASH BANG--- CASE OF MREs!! Winter is coming, are you prepared? Are you ready to be stuck in your house for a few days? What if those days turn into a week? Do you have enough food on hand to feed your family that long? The simplest solution to that problem is a case or two of MREs. Each case contains 12 complete meals, measures only 17”x 10”x 8.5” and if kept in a cool dry place they can last up to 10 years. They can even be eaten straight out of the package, no heating required; however, they do taste better when warm. Now, keeping the kids entertained that long is your only problem. Price valid until October 24TH, 2016 or while supplies last.

Oct 11 2016 11:09am

FLASH BANG FLASH BANG FLASH BANG FLASH BANG!!! This week’s FLASH BANG---MORALE PATCHES! You know what your costume needs to make it more authentic? Accessories! Specifically patches. So we are gonna help you out. All of our hook and loop backed Morale Patches are now half price. We carry over 80 different patch designs from flags to patches that express your sense of humor or your political beliefs. All of them have hook and loop backings, so you can easily change the patch to fit whatever party you find your self attending. Collect them all! Trade with your friends! They make great gifts! Price valid until October 17TH, 2016 or while supplies last.

Oct 04 2016 10:27am

FLASH BANG FLASH BANG FLASH BANG FLASH BANG!!! This week’s FLASH BANG---USED CAMOUFLAGE PANTS!! This is our lowest price on used camouflage pants in at least 20 years. Buy ‘em for Halloween now, wear them for yard work, painting, hunting, fishing, airsoft or just because they are comfortable, later. Some of these pants look brand new and may actually be unworn. At this price and quality, these won’t last long. Sizes and styles are limited. Selection varies by store. Price valid until October 10TH, 2016 or while supplies last.

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