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Ranger Surplus is the last remaining Army-Navy store chain in the area, with recession proof prices everyday.

Military Surplus * Camping Gear * Luggage * Sweats * MREs * Airsoft * Workwear * Security * Knives * Survival * Hats * Jeans * 24/7s * Footwear * Sweats * Camo * Duffles * Tees * Nightsticks * Gifts * Pepper Spray * Customized Dog Tags * Thermals * Peacoats * Tarps * First Aid ...and Much More!

We offer volume sales—just call our headquarters for a quote (301‑947‑8026 x100).

If you want something that functions at a great price, we’re the place!

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Frederick MD Now Open! 301‑378‑8031

Rockville, MD 301‑424‑1125

Tysons Corner, VA 703‑917‑0711

Bethesda, MD (closed 2/1/14) Thank you for your 18 years of patronage!

Latest News:

Nov 24 2015 08:39am

Now that's a knife! Ideal for #camping #survival #hiking #protection #prepping

Nov 23 2015 02:41pm

Do you have one of these in your house, office and vehicle? Especially in the light of world events, you need to! Stop in today and pick a few up! #BePrepared #Safety

Nov 21 2015 10:41am

We make being prepared easy. Keep this candle kit in your home and office in case power goes out due to weather or act of danger. #BePrepared #Shelter #Safety #Family

Nov 20 2015 07:38pm

Always prepare for the worst and protect yourself and family. Pepper spray is a great way self defense tool that could save your life.

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